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Dangerous Intersections in Boise, Idaho

The Office of Highway Safety of Idaho’s Transport Department’s June 2018 data revealed, along with a few other vital road crash statistics, the nineteen most dangerous intersections in Boise, Idaho. The report is made up of statistics that go back to 2012. Frequency of crashes and the injury cost were used as two major criteria for designating an intersection as Read More

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Michigan Drivers Need to Take Extra Care This Winter

Come winter, drivers across the country must be extra careful when they get behind the wheel. Michigan drivers need to take extra care this winter. In the past, the state has been listed as one of the deadliest to drive in because of its wintertime traffic fatalities.   Getting Ready to Drive Safely Taking extra care this winter to drive Read More

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Don’t Give Up Your Rights After a DWI Arrest

If you are charged with driving while intoxicated in Fort Worth (DWI), the first thing you should do is get in touch with a competent drunk driving lawyer. This is because driving while intoxicated is a serious crime in Texas. You might end up in jail or pay a hefty fine if you do not have an experienced drunk driving Read More